Contents of Volume 25

No. 1. January, 2021

Cover Art: ”Corona”.
Angela Stevenson

Handwritten Geometrical Patterns in the Evaluation of Motor Symptoms in Psychotic Disorders.
Y. Crespo, S. Iglesias-Parro, J. I. Aznarte, A. J. Ibanez-Molina & M. F. Soriano, pg. 1
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A Comparison of Four Dyadic Synchronization Models.
Stephen J. Guastello & Anthony F. Peressini, pg. 19
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The Knowledge Acquisition Process from a Complex System Perspective: Observations and Models.
Fatima Velasquez-Rojas & Maria Fabiana Laguna, pg. 41
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The Rough Journey to Success: Examining the Nonlinear Dynamics of Processes and Performance in Teams.
Pedro Marques-Quinteiro, Pedro Ramos-Villagrasa, Jose Navarro, Ana Margarida Passos & Luis Curral, pg. 69
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Synchronization of Fluctuations in the Interaction of Economies within the Framework of the Keynes’s Business Cycle Model .
M. A. Radin, A. N. Kulikov & D. A. Kulikov, pg. 93
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Fractals and Surrealism: A Pathway towards Rescuing Early Career Scientists’ Creativity, and thus Scientific Discovery.
Angela Stevenson, pg. 113
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Book Review: Review of Who You Are: The Science of Interconnectedness, by Michael J. Spivey.
pg. 125

No. 2. April, 2021

Cover Art: ”Kelp Forest”.
Angela Stevenson

Predicting and Correcting Missing Data on Diffusion Processes in Multiplex Networks.
Alireza Khosravani, Mostafa Salehi, Vahid Ranjbar, Rajesh Sharma & Shaghayegh Najari, pg. 127
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Proprioceptive Dialogue - Interpersonal Synergies During a Cooperative Slackline Task.
Lluc Montull, Pedro Passos, Lluis Rocas, Joao Milho & Natalia Balague, pg. 157
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Behavioral Savings: Heterogeneous Household Beliefs and Aggregate Nonlinearities.
Orlando Gomes, pg. 179
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Chaotic Dynamics on Air Quality and Human Health: Evidence from China, India, and Turkey.
Melike E. Bildirici, pg. 207
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Review of A Fractal Epistemology for a Scientific Psychology: Bridging the Personal with the Transpersonal, edited by Terry Marks-Tarlow, Yakov Shapiro, Katthe P. Wolf, and Harris L. Friedman.
pg. 237

Cumulative Index for NDPLS Articles 1997-2019.
pg. 240

No. 3. July, 2021

Cover Art: ”Tunicata Garden”.
Angela Stevenson

The Fractal Tapestry of Life: A Review of Fractal Physiology.
Bruce J. West, pg. 261
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Bistability and Stabilization of Human Visual Perception under Ambiguous Stimulation.
Willy Govaerts, Yuri A. Kuznetsov, Hil G. E. Meijer, Niels Neirynck & Richard van Wezel, pg. 297
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Eye Synchrony: A Method to Capture Mutual and Joint Attention in Social Eye Movements.
Wolfgang Tschacher, Nikolai Tschacher & Anja Stukenbrock, pg. 309
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Nonlinear Dynamic Effects of Convergent and Divergent Thinking in the Conceptual Change Process: Empirical Evidence from Primary Education.
Julie Vaiopoulou, Themistocles Tsikalas, Dimitrios Stamovlasis & George Papageorgiou, pg. 335
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The Relative Influence of Drivers and Empaths on Team Synchronization.
Stephen J. Guastello & Anthony F. Peressini, pg. 357
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Manuscripts Accepted for Publication.
pg. 383

No. 4. October, 2021

Cover Art: ”Zebras”.
Angela Stevenson

From Bounded Rationality to Collective Behavior.
Andrea Ceschi & Guido Fioretti, pg. 385
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Individual Rationality and Market Efficiency.
Steven Gjerstad & Jason Shachat, pg. 395
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To Enter or Not to Enter: Multiple Markets, Heterogeneous Customer and Exogenous Quality.
Ann van Ackere & Erik R. Larsen, pg. 407
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Making Sense of Sanctions: An Agent-Based Model of Sanction Recognition.
Martin Neumann & Ulf Lotzmann, pg. 427
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The Garbage Can Model: A Study in (Non)Reproducible Research.
Stewart A. Levin, pg. 455
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Computational Modeling Approaches to Organizational Change.
Claudia P. Estevez-Mujica & Cesar Garcia-Diaz, pg. 467
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Identifying Rivals Among Clustered and Isolated Firms: An Empirical Investigation and a Computational Model.
Cristina Boari, Guido Fioretti & Vincenza Odorici, pg. 507
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Manuscripts Accepted for Publication.
pg. 523