Contents of Volume 24

No. 1. January, 2020

Cover Art: "Calm".
Jualian Smith et al.

Differences in Autonomic Flexibility in Adolescents with Distinct Emotion Regulation Styles during Acute Stress.
Xavier Bornas, Aina Fiol-Veny & Maria Balle, pg. 1
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Generalized Multiplicative Model for Assessing Outcomes in Psychotherapy: Disordered Eating Behaviors and Obesity.
Irina G. Malkina-Pykh, pg. 23
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Capturing Interpersonal Synergies in Social Settings: An Example within a Badminton Cooperative Task.
P. Passos, E. Lacasa, J. Milho & C. Torrents, pg. 59
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Autonomic Synchronization under Three Task Conditions and its Impact on Team Performance.
Stephen J. Guastello, Lucas Mirabito & Anthony F. Peressini, pg. 79
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Exchange Rate Speculation and Heterogeneous Expectations in a Small Open Economy.
Michael Wegener, pg. 105
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Relaxing Floors: Fractal Fluency in the Built Environment.
Julian Smith, Conor Rowland, Saba Moslehi, Richard Taylor, Anastasija Lesjak, Martin Lesjak, Sabrina Stadlober, Luis Lee, Jackie Dettmar, Mark Page & Jeanette Himes, pg. 127
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Manuscripts Accepted for Publication.
pg. 142

No. 2. April, 2020

Cover Art: "Chill".
Jualian Smith et al.

Grasp Affordances in Bistable Perception of the Necker Cube.
Thomas R. Brooks, Till D. Frank & James A. Dixon, pg. 143
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Fractal Characterization of Stochastic Series Fluctuations of Children with Reading Disorders.
Ixchel Reyes Lina, Teresa Ivonne Contreras Troya, Oswaldo Morales Matamoros, Jesus Jaime Moreno Escobar & Ricardo Tejeida Padilla, pg. 159
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Cognitive Workload and Fatigue Dynamics in a Chaotic Forecasting Task.
Stephen J. Guastello, William Futch & Lucas Mirabito, pg. 179
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Networks of Boards of Directors: Is the "Golden Skirts" Only an Illusion?.
Pilar Grau, Ruth Mateos de Cabo, Ricardo Gimeno, Elena Olmedo & Patricia Gabaldon, pg. 215
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From Conventional Equilibrium Models to Multi-Agent Virtual Worlds: A Prototype Economic Growth Example.
Orlando Gomes, pg. 233
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No. 3. July, 2020

Cover Art: "Mellow".
Jualian Smith et al.

Bifurcation in Markov Chains with Ecological Examples.
Kehinde O. Irabor & Stephen J. Merrill, pg. 261
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Effect of Incorporating Catastrophic Equations into an Agent-Based Model of Women's Action-Taking in Violent Relationships.
David Katerndahl, Sandra Burge, Robert Ferrer, Robert Wood & Maria del Pilar Montanez Villacampa, pg. 273
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Job Crafting and Work Engagement: Can their Relationship be Explained by a Catastrophe Model?.
Despoina Xanthopoulou & Dimitrios Stamovlasis, pg. 305
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Predicting Resilience Losses in Dyadic Team Performance.
Yannick Hill, Ruud J. R. Den Hartigh, Ralf F. A. Cox, Peter De Jonge & Nico W. Van Yperen, pg. 327
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Homogeneous Distribution of Passing between Players of a Team Predicts Attempts to Shoot at Goal in Association Football: A Case Study with 10 Matches.
Jose Gama, Goncalo Dias, Pedro Passos, Micael Couceiro & Keith Davids, pg. 353
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Manuscripts Accepted for Publication.
pg. 366

No. 4. October, 2020

Cover Art: "Rest".
Jualian Smith et al.

Variability and Complexity of Non-stationary Functions: Methods for Post-exercise HRV.
Nathaniel T. Berry, Laurie Wideman & Christopher K. Rhea, pg. 367
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More About Fractals of Speech: Incompleteness, Wobbling Consistency and Limits to Understanding.
Eystein Glattre & Havard Glattre, pg. 389
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Applying an Agent-based Model to Simulate Just-In-Time Support for Keeping Users of eLearning Courses Motivated.
Mark R. Scholten, Saskia M. Kelders, Julia van Gemert-Pijnen & Henderien Steenbeek, pg. 403
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Adolescents’ Positive Cognitive Emotion Regulation Predicts Heart Trajectories During a Mother-Adolescent Conflict Interaction.
Josep Roman-Juan, Xavier Bornas, Aina Fiol-Veny, Neus Zuzama & Maria Balle, pg. 431
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Autonomic Synchronization, Leadership Emergence, and the Roles of Drivers and Empaths.
Stephen J. Guastello, Brittany Witty, Camerhon Johnson & Anthony F. Peressini, pg. 451
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Evidence of Chaos in Human Emotions Expressed in Tweets.
Waldemar Karwowski, Nabin Sapkota, Les D. Servi, Dylan Schmorrow & Edgar Gutierrez, pg. 475
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Ad Hoc Reviewers for 2019.
pg. 498