Contents of Volume 23

No. 1. January, 2019

Cover art: 'Patterns in Nature I'.
Clinton Marstall

Clinical Psychology at the Crossroads: An Introduction to the Special Issue on Nonlinear Dynamical Systems.
David Pincus, pg. 1
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Nonlinear Indices with Applications to Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder.
Colleen D. Cutler & Richard W. J. Neufeld, pg. 17
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Fractal Self-Structure and Psychological Resilience.
David Pincus, Oto Cadsky, Vincent Berardi, Catherine M. Asuncion & Katheryn Wann, pg. 57
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A Nonlinear Dynamic Systems Model of Psychotherapy: First Steps Toward Validation and the Role of External Input.
Helmut Scholler, Kathrin Viol, Hannes Goditsch, Wolfgang Aichhorn, Marc-Thorsten Hutt & Gunter Schiepek, pg. 79
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Monitoring Nonlinear Dynamics of Change in a Single Case of Psychodynamic Play Therapy.
Sibel Halfon, Alev Cavdar, Giulia Paoloni, Silvia Andreassi, Alessandro Giuliani, Franco F. Orsucci & Giulio de Felice, pg. 113
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The Temporal Dimension in Maternal Sensitivity Predicting Organized Attachment in Children .
M. Angeles Cerezo, Gemma Pons-Salvador, Rosa M. Trenado & Purificacion Sierra-Garcia, pg. 137
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Manuscripts Accepted for Publication.
pg. 172

Nature‚ÄĚs Fractal Similarities: Integrating Art and Science.
Richard P. Taylor, pg. 173
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No. 2. April, 2019

Cover art: 'Eye of the Gargoyle Gecko'.
Clinton Marstall

Modeling a Fast-Slow Bitrophic Food Chain with Harvesting.
S. M. Salman, pg. 177
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Embodied Synchronization and Complexity in a Verbal Interaction.
R. C. Schmidt & Paula Fitzpatrick, pg. 199
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Co-Adaptation Processes of Syntactic Complexity in Real-Time Kindergarten Teacher-Student Interactions.
Astrid Menninga, Marijn van Dijk, Ralf Cox, Henderien Steenbeek & Paul van Geert, pg. 229
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Warning Signs of Impending Critical Transitions in Love Affairs.
Sergio Rinaldi & Fabio Della Rossa, pg. 261
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Agent-Based Modeling of Day-to-Day Intimate Partner Violence.
David Katerndahl, Sandra Burge, Robert Ferrer, Johanna Becho, Robert Wood & Maria D. M. Villacampa, pg. 275
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Theories for Computing Prosocial Behavior.
Arianna Costantini, Andrea Scalco, Riccardo Sartori, Elena M. Tur & Andrea Ceschi, pg. 297
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Manuscripts Accepted for Publication.
pg. 314

No. 3. July, 2019

Cover art: 'Patterns in Nature III'.
Clinton Marstall

Hierarchical Levels of Biological Systems and their Integration as a Principal Cause for Tumour Occurrence.
Svetoslav Nikolov, Assen Dimitrov & Julio Vera, pg. 315

The Spontaneous Rise of the Herd Instinct: Agent-Based Simulation.
Stanislaw Raczynski, pg. 331

Physiological Synchronization and Subjective Workload in a Competitive Emergency Response Task.
Stephen J. Guastello, Anthony N. Correro II, David E. Marra & Anthony F. Peressini, pg. 347

Chaotic Structure of Oil Prices, Inflation and Unemployment.
Melike E. Bildirici & Fulya Ozaksoy Sonustun, pg. 377

Cumulative Index for NDPLS Articles 1997-2019.
pg. 395

Manuscripts Accepted for Publication.
pg. 414

No. 4. October, 2019

Cover art: 'Clock'.
Clinton Marstall

How Far has Your Heart Travelled? Examining Heart System Trajectories in State Space.
Xavier Bornas, Aina Fiol-Veny & Maria Balle, pg. 415
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Modeling Response Time with Power Law Distributions.
Zhiyuan Liu, John G. Holden, M. Dashti Moghaddam & R. A. Serota, pg. 433
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Nonlinear Dynamics of Binge Drinking among U.S. High School Students in Grade 12: Cusp Catastrophe Modeling of National Survey Data.
Xinguang Chen, Yan Wang & Ding-Geng Chen, pg. 465
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Cusp Catastrophe Modeling of Suicide Behaviors among People Living with HIV in China.
Wei Wang, Xinguang Chen, Shiyue Li, Hong Yan, Bin Yu & Yunan Xu, pg. 491
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Fractals of Speech: Are Humans Thinking in Two-Dimensional Time?.
Eystein Glattre & Havard R. Glattre, pg. 517
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Manuscripts Accepted for Publication / Ad Hoc Reviewers for 2018.
pg. 543