Contents of Volume 21

No. 1. January, 2017

Cover Art: ”Dark Within”.
Candace Wark & Shirley Nannini

Fishing Quotas, Induced Allee Effect, and Fluctuation-Driven Extinction.
Harold M Hastings, Michael Radin & Tamas Wiandt, pg. 1
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How to Modify Psychopathological States? Hypotheses Based on Complex Systems Theory.
Hermann Haken & Wolfgang Tschacher, pg. 19
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Honing Theory: A Complex Systems Framework for Creativity.
Liane Gabora, pg. 35
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A Cusp Catastrophe Model of Tax Behavior.
Ioannis Katerelos & Nikolaos Varotsis, pg. 89
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Cover Images: Flow Visualization.
Candace Wark & Shirley Nannini, pg. 113
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Book Review: Consciousness by Rocco J. Gennaro and A day in the life of the brain: The neuroscience of consciousness from dawn to dusk by Susan Greenfield.
pg. 117

Book Review: Iron Has Memory, Rocks Breathe Slowly, Crystals Learn, by Keith Q. Owen, A. Steven Dietz, and Robert ”Skip” Culbertson.
pg. 120

Book Review: Grasping the Moment by Christopher Baber and Richard McMaster.
pg. 122

Book Review: The Complexity of Human Communication (2nd ed.) by Philip J. Salem.
pg. 126

No. 2. April, 2017

Cover Art: ”Surge”.
Candace Wark & Shirley Nannini

Dynamical Systems Theory in Quantitative Psychology and Cognitive Science: A Fair Discrimination between Deterministic and Statistical Counterparts is Required.
Adam Gadomski, Marcel Ausloos & Tahlia Casey, pg. 129
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Positive Disintegration as a Process of Symmetry Breaking.
Krystyna Laycraft, pg. 143
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Temporal Dynamics of Rituals in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
Robert W. Bond, Jr., Stephen J. Guastello & Andrea D. Guastello, pg. 159
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Cooperative Learning and Interpersonal Synchrony.
Roy Vink, Maarten L. Wijnants, Antonius H. N. Cillessen & Anna M. T. Bosman, pg. 189
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Performance and Participation Dynamics in an Emergency Response Simulation.
Stephen J. Guastello, David E. Marra, Julian Castro, Maribeth Gomez & Claire Perna, pg. 217
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Discovering Hidden Temporal Patterns in Behavior and Interaction: T-Pattern Detection and Analysis with THEME by Magnus S. Magnusson, Judee K. Burgoon, & Maurizio Casarrubea (Eds.).
pg. 251

Manuscripts Accepted for Publication.
pg. 254

No. 3. July, 2017

Cover Art: ”Horse”.
Candace Wark & Shirley Nannini

Allometric Control of Affective Fluctuations in Early Adolescents: Their Association with Anxiety Symptoms and Temperament Traits.
Aina Fiol-Veny, Alejandro De la Torre-Luque, Maria Balle & Xavier Bornas, pg. 255
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The Role of Dysfunctional Myths in a Decision-Making Process under Bounded Rationality: A Complex Dynamical Systems Perspective .
Dimitrios Stamovlasis & Julie Vaiopoulou, pg. 267
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Attractor Dynamics of Dyadic Interaction: A Recurrence Based Analysis.
Marlenny Guevara, Ralf F. A. Cox, Marijn van Dijk & Paul van Geert, pg. 289
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Turn Taking, Team Synchronization, and Non-stationarity in Physiological Time Series.
Stephen J. Guastello, David E. Marra, Julian Castro, Michael Equi & Anthony F. Peressini, pg. 319
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Modeling Change in Project Duration and Completion: Scheduling Dynamics of NASA’s Exploration Flight Test 1 (EFT-1) Activities.
Travis J. Wiltshire, Jonathan E. Butner & Zachary Pirtle, pg. 335
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Nonlinearities in Behavioral Macroeconomics.
Orlando Gomes, pg. 359
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No. 4. October, 2017

Cover Art: ”Zen”.
Candace Wark & Shirley Nannini

Introduction: Walter J. Freeman III (January 30, 1927 - April 24, 2016).
William H. Sulis & Irina Trofimova, pg. 387

Activity during Learning and the Nonlinear Differentiation of Experience.
Yuri I. Alexandrov, Andrei K. Krylov & Karina R. Arutyunova, pg. 391
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Modeling Stochastic Complexity in Complex Adaptive Systems: Non-Kolmogorov Probability and the Process Algebra Approach.
William H. Sulis, pg. 407
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Functional Constructivism: In Search of Formal Descriptors.
Irina Trofimova, pg. 441
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Walter Freeman III and the Chaotic Nature of Dreams.
Allan Combs & Stanley Krippner, pg. 475
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Isotopic Self-Organization as an Informational Factor in Biological Systems.
Alexander A. Berezin & Vladimir V. Gridin, pg. 485
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The Extended Trust Hypothesis: Single-Attractor Self-Contagion in Day-to-Day Changes in Implicit Positive Affect Predicts Action-Oriented Coping and Psychological Symptoms.
Julius Kuhl, Olga Mitina & Sander L. Koole, pg. 505
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Applying the Neurodynamics of Emotional Circular Causalities in Psychosocial and Cognitive Therapy using Multi-Sensory Environments: An ORBDE Case Study Analysis.
Janice Ryan, pg. 519
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Comparing the Cognitive Process of Circular Causality in Two Patients with Strokes through Qualitative Analysis.
Seyed Alireza Derakhshanrad, Emily Piven & Bahareh Zeynalzadeh Ghoochani, pg. 555
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Manuscripts Accepted for Publication / Ad hoc Reviewers for 2016.
pg. 569