Contents of Volume 20

No. 1. January, 2016

Cover Art: ”Departure”.
Diane Rosen

Using State Space Methods to Reveal Dynamical Associations Between Cortisol and Depression.
Roelof B. Toonen, Klaas J. Wardenaar, Sonja L. van Ockenburg, Elisabeth H. Bos & Peter de Jonge, pg. 1
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Dynamics of Resilient and Non-resilient Mood.
Joao G. Ribeiro & Carlos Lourenco, pg. 23
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Physiological Synchronization in a Vigilance Dual Task.
Stephen J. Guastello, pg. 49
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Community Viral Load Management: Can Attractors Contribute to Developing an Improved Bio-social Response to HIV Risk-reduction?.
Christopher J. Burman & Marota Aphane, pg. 81
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Accessing Creativity: Jungian Night Sea Journeys, Wandering Minds, and Chaos.
Diane Rosen, pg. 117
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No. 2. April, 2016

Cover Art: ”Regression”.
Diane Rosen

Introduction to Interpersonal Synchronization.
Stephen J. Guastello, pg. 141
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Movement Coordination in Psychotherapy: Synchrony of Hand Movements is Associated with Session Outcome. A Single-Case Study.
Fabian Ramseyer & Wolfgang Tschacher, pg. 145
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Synchronization Analysis of Language and Physiology in Human Dyads.
Franco F. Orsucci, Nicolo Musmeci, Benjamin Aas, Gunter Schiepek, Mario A. Reda, Luca Canestri, Alessandro Giuliani & Giulio de Felice, pg. 167
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Top-down (Prior Knowledge) and Bottom-up (Perceptual Modality) Influences on Spontaneous Interpersonal Synchronization.
Christina L. Gipson, Jamie C. Gorman & Eric E. Hessler, pg. 193
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Physiological Synchronization in Emergency Response Teams: Subjective Workload, Drivers and Empaths.
Stephen J. Guastello, David E. Marra, Claire Perna, Julian Castro, Maribeth Gomez & Anthony F. Peressini, pg. 223
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Tracing Neurodynamic Information Flows during Teamwork.
Ronald Stevens & Trysha Galloway, pg. 271
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Synchronization, TIGoRS, and Information Flow in Complex Systems: Dispositional Cellular Automata.
William H. Sulis, pg. 293
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Manuscripts Accepted for Publication.
pg. 318

No. 3. July, 2016

Cover Art: ”Regression”.
Diane Rosen

"How do I feel today?" An Analysis of HRQOL Variability among Institutionalized Older Adults.
Mattia Roppolo, Saskia Kunnen, Anna Mulasso, Emanuela Rabaglietti & Paul van Geert, pg. 319
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Combination of sLORETA and Nonlinear Coupling for Emotional EEG Source Localization.
Ateke Goshvarpour, Ataollah Abbasi & Atefeh Goshvarpour, pg. 353
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The Mathematics of Psychotherapy: A Nonlinear Model of Change Dynamics.
Gunter Schiepek, Benjamin Aas & Kathrin Viol, pg. 369
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Addressing the Policy Churn in Public Education in the United States.
Matthijs Koopmans, pg. 401
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Key Word Index for NDPLS Articles 1997-2016.
Stephen J. Guastello, pg. 423

Abstracts to the 2013-2015 Conferences of the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences / Corrections / Manuscripts Accepted for Publication.
pg. 440

No. 4. October, 2016

Cover Art: ”Return”.
Diane Rosen

Selection of Temporal Lags When Modeling Economic and Financial Processes.
Mariano Matilla-Garcia, Rina B. Ojeda & Manuel Ruiz Marin, pg. 445
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Model Comparison for Abiotic versus Biotic Pollen Dispersal.
Erich L. Foster, David M. Chan & Rodney J. Dyer, pg. 471
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Mother-Infant Verbal and Nonverbal Interaction as Predictor of Attachment: Nonlinear Dynamic Analyses.
M. Angeles Cerezo, Gemma Pons-Salvador, Rosa M. Trenado & Purificacion Sierra, pg. 485
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Cognitive Workload and Fatigue in a Vigilance Dual Task: Miss Errors, False Alarms, and the Effect of Wearing Biometric Sensors While Working.
Stephen J. Guastello, Katherine E. Reiter & Matthew Malon, pg. 509
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A Cusp Catastrophe Model for Team Learning, Team Potency and Team Culture.
Teresa Rebelo, Dimitrios Stamovlasis, Paulo Renato Lourenco, Isabel Dimas & Margarida Pinheiro, pg. 537
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Book Review: Nonlinear Analysis for Human Movement, edited by Nikolaos Stergiou.
pg. 565

Book Review: Modeling Love Dynamics by Sergio Rinaldi, Fabio Della Rossa, Fabio Dercole, Alessandra Gragnani, and Pietro Landi.
pg. 568

Book Review: Modeling Love Dynamics by Sergio Rinaldi, Fabio Della Rossa, Fabio Dercole, Alessandra Gragnani, and Pietro Landi.
pg. 570

Book Review: Adaptive Action by Glenda H. Eoyang and Royce J. Holladay.
pg. 573

Manuscripts Accepted for Publication / Ad hoc Reviewers for 2015.
pg. 575