Contents of Volume 17

No. 1. January, 2013

Cover Art: ”Lightning”.
B. Van Dusen

Introduction to the Special Issue on Nonlinear Organizational Dynamics.
Kevin J. Dooley, L. Douglas Kiel & A. Steven Dietz, pg. 1

Fluctuations in Work Motivation: Tasks do not Matter!.
Jose Navarro, Fernando Curioso, Duarte Gomes, Carlos Arrieta & Mauricio Cortes, pg. 3
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Cusp Catastrophe Models for Cognitive Workload and Fatigue: A Comparison of Seven Task Types.
Stephen J. Guastello, Henry Boeh, Hillary Gorin, Samuel Huschen, Natalie E. Peters, Megan Fabisch & Kirsten Poston, pg. 23
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The Complexity of Organizational Change: Describing Communication during Organizational Turbulence.
Philip Salem, pg. 49
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The Organizational Neurodynamics of Teams.
Ronald Stevens, Jamie C. Gorman, Polemnia Amazeen, Aaron Likens & Trysha Galloway, pg. 67
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Communication as a Mechanism for Cultural Integration.
Tomas Backstrom, Tom Hagstrom & Susanna Goransson, pg. 87
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The Effects of Legacy Organization Culture on Post-Merger Integration.
Terrill L. Frantz & Kathleen M. Carley, pg. 107
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Hyper-Competition, Collusion, Free Riding or Coopetition: Basins of Attraction When Firms Simultaneously Compete and Cooperate.
Surya Pathak, Mohan P. Pokharel & Sankaran Mahadevan, pg. 133
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Estimating Population Ecology Models for the WWW Market: Evidence of Competitive Oligopolies.
Ruth Mateos de Cabo & Ricardo Gimeno, pg. 159
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No. 2. April, 2013

Cover Art: ”Mud”.
B. Van Dusen

Decision Making with Complex Nonlinear Systems: Inference and Identification in the Context of DS22q11.2.
Robert A. M. Gregson, pg. 173
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American Coot Collective On-water Dynamics.
Hugh Trenchard, pg. 183
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The Metaphor-Gestalt Synergy Underlying the Self-organisation of Perception as a Semiotic Process.
David Rail, pg. 205
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Is Chaos Good for Learning?.
J. C. Sprott, pg. 223
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The Emergence of Learning-Teaching Trajectories in Education: a Complex Dynamic Systems Approach.
Henderien Steenbeek & Paul van Geert, pg. 233
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The GBN-Dialogue Model of Outgroup-Negative Rumor Transmission: Group Membership, Belief, and Novelty.
Bernard P. Brooks, Nicholas DiFonzo & David S. Ross, pg. 269
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Nonlinear Dynamics in Work Groups with Bion’s Basic Assumptions.
Arianna Dal Forno & Ugo Merlone, pg. 295
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The Art and Science of Hyperbolic Tessellations.
B. Van Dusen & R. P. Taylor, pg. 317
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No. 3. July, 2013

Cover Art: ”Trees”.
B. Van Dusen

Symmetry-Breaking, Grouped Images and Multistability with Transient Unconsciousness.
Robert A. M. Gregson, pg. 324
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Complexity of Everyday Life Heart Rate Dynamics and Attentional Control in Healthy Students.
Xavier Bornas, Jordi Llabres, Alfonso Morillas-Romero, Blanca Aguayo-Siquier, Maria Balle & Miquel Tortella-Feliu, pg. 345
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Recalling Items from a Category for 1 Hour: An Inquiry into Power-Law Behavior and Memory Foraging.
Theo Rhodes, pg. 361
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Intention to Use Condom, Cusp Modeling, and Evaluation of an HIV Prevention Intervention Trial.
Xinguang Chen, Bonita Stanton, Din Chen & Xiaoming Li, pg. 385
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The Minimum Entropy Principle and Task Performance.
Stephen J. Guastello, Hillary Gorin, Samuel Huschen, Natalie E. Peters, Megan Fabisch, Kirsten Poston & Kelsey Weinberger, pg. 405
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Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Extrapersonal? Qualitatively Investigating Coordinative Couplings between Rowers in Olympic Sculling.
Sarah-Kate Millar, Anthony R. H. Oldham & Ian Renshaw, pg. 425
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Book Review: Complex Worlds: Uncertain, Unequal and Unfair by Bruce J. West.
pg. 445

Manuscripts accepted for publication.
pg. 448

No. 4. October, 2013

Cover Art: ”Leaves”.
B. Van Dusen

Dynamical Analysis of the Interaction between Effector Immune and Cancer Cells and Optimal Control of Chemotherapy.
G. H. Erjaee, M. H. Ostadzad, S. Amanpour & K. B. Lankarani, pg. 449
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Aperiodic Deterministic Structure of OCD and the Familial Effect on Rituals.
Robert W. Bond, Jr. & Stephen J. Guastello, pg. 465
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Modeling Workplace Bullying Using Catastrophe Theory.
J. Escartin, L. Ceja, J. Navarro & D. Zapf, pg. 493
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Phase Transitions between Lower and Higher Level Management Learning in Times of Crisis: An Experimental Study Based On Synergetics.
Andreas Liening, Guido Strunk & Ewald Mittelstadt, pg. 517
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Ad Hoc Reviewers for 2012 / Color Graphics for 2013 / Manuscripts Accepted for Publication.
pg. 543