Contents of Volume 14

No. 1. January, 2010

Cover Art: "The Alchemist”s Triumph".
Rob Harle

Complexity Loss in Physiological Time Series of Patients in a Vegetative State.
Marco Sara & Francesca Pistoia, pg. 1
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Evidence of Reduced Complexity in Self-report Data from Patients with Medically Unexplained Symptoms.
Christopher Burton, Rachel A. Heath, David Weller & Michael Sharpe, pg. 15
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Oscillations in Daily Pain Prediction Accuracy.
Patrick H. Finan, Eric E. Hessler, Polemnia G. Amazeen, Jonathan Butner, Alex J. Zautra & Howard Tennen, pg. 27
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How Nonlinear Systems Inform Meaning and Early Education.
Doris Pronin Fromberg, pg. 47
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Numerical Explorations of R. M. Goodwin”s Business Cycle Model.
Aleksander Jakimowicz, pg. 69
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Asset Price and Wealth Dynamics as an Adaptive Belief System.
Serena Brianzoni, Cristiana Mammana & Elisabetta Michetti, pg. 85
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Chaos, Archetypes, and the All-integrating Field.
Rob Harle, pg. 101
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No. 2. April, 2010

Cover Art: "The Birth of Ouroboros".
Rob Harle

Analyzing Fractal Dynamics Employing R.
Tetiana Stadnytska, Simone Braun & Joachim Werner, pg. 117
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The Sheperd Equation and Chaos Identification .
Robert A. M. Gregson, pg. 145
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Attractor Divergence as a Metric for Assessing Walking Balance.
Max J. Kurz, Katerina Markopoulou & Nicholas Stergiou, pg. 151
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Variability of Lower Extremity Joint Kinematics During Backward Walking in a Virtual Environment.
Dimitrios Katsavelis, Mukul Mukherjee, Leslie Decker & Nicholas Stergiou, pg. 165
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Self-Organization and Leadership Emergence in Emergency Response Teams.
Stephen J. Guastello, pg. 179
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Book Review: Psyche”s Veil, by Terry Marks-Tarlow.
pg. 205

No. 3. July, 2010

Cover Art: ”Individuation”.
Rob Harle

Archetypal Dynamics, Emergent Situations, and the Reality Game.
William Sulis, pg. 209
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The Effect of Virtual Reality on Gait Variability.
Dimitrios Katsavelis, Mukul Mukherjee, Leslie Decker & Nicholas Stergiou, pg. 239
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The Selfish to Egalitarian Transition in Young Children: Developmental Processes versus Cooperative Interactions.
H. Nicolis & S. C. Nicolis, pg. 257
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Team Coordination Dynamics.
Jamie C. Gorman, Polemnia G. Amazeen & Nancy J. Cooke, pg. 265
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The Entropy Conservation Principle: Applications in Ergonomics and Human Factors.
S. Lee Hong, pg. 291
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The Global Financial Crisis and the Great Recession of 2007-2009.
Mohammed H. I. Dore & Rajiv G. Singh, pg. 317
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Book Review: Evolutionary Swarm Robotics Evolving Self-organising Behaviours in Groups of Autonomous Robots, by Vito Trianni.
pg. 343

No. 4. October, 2010

Cover Art: ”The Last Tea Ceremony”.
Rob Harle

Cracking the Linear Lens.
David Katerndahl, pg. 349

Nonlinear Dynamics in Biopsychosocial Resilience.
David Pincus & Annette Metten, pg. 353
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Homeobios: The Pattern of Heartbeats in Newborns, Adults, and Elderly Patients.
Hector Sabelli & Atoor Lawandow, pg. 381
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Nonlinear Dynamics of Seizure Prediction in a Rodent Model of Epilepsy.
Levi B. Good, Shivkumar Sabesan, Steven T. Marsh, Konstantinos Tsakalis, David M. Treiman & Leon D. Iasemidis, pg. 411
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New Directions Offered by the Dynamical Systems Approach to Bimanual Coordination for Therapeutic Intervention and Research in Stroke.
Rita Sleimen-Malkoun, Jean Jacques Temprado, Viktor K. Jirsa & Eric Berton, pg. 435
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Sexual Affordances, Perceptual-motor Invariance Extraction and Intentional Nonlinear Dynamics: Sexually Deviant and Non-deviant Patterns in Male Subjects.
Patrice Renaud, Mathieu Goyette, Sylvain Chartier, Simon Zhornitski, Dominique Trottier, Joanne-L Rouleau, Jean Proulx, Paul Fedoroff, John-P Bradford, Benoit Dassylva & Stephane Bouchard, pg. 463
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Modeling Early Sexual Initiation among Young Adolescents Using Quantum and Continuous Behavior Change Methods: Implications for HIV Prevention.
Xinguang Chen, Sonja Lunn, Carole Harris, Xiaoming Li, Lynette Deveaux, Sharon Marshall, Leslie Cottrell & Bonita Stanton, pg. 491
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Recurrent Patterns of Daily Intimate Partner Violence and Environment.
David Katerndahl, Robert Ferrer, Sandra Burge, Johanna Becho & Robert Wood, pg. 511
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The Dynamics of Health Care Reform - Learning from a Complex Adaptive Systems Theoretical Perspective.
Joachim P. Sturmberg & Carmel M. Martin, pg. 525
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Ad Hoc Reviewers for 2009 / Color Graphics for 2010 / Manuscripts Accepted for Publication in 2011.
pg. 541