Contents of Volume 13

No. 1. January, 2009

Cover art: "Balled Nubble".
Daniel Della-Bosca

Introduction to the Special Issue on Psychomotor Coordination and Control.
Mark Shelhamer, pg. 1

Nonlinear Dynamics of Motor Learning.
Gottfried Mayer-Kress, Karl M Newell & Yeou-Teh Liu, pg. 3
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Dynamics of Multi-Articular Coordination in Neurobiological Systems.
Jia Yi Chow, Keith Davids, Chris Button, Robert Rein, Robert Hristovski & Michael Koh, pg. 27
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Soft-Assembly of Sensorimotor Function.
Christopher T. Kello & Guy C. Van Orden, pg. 57
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1/f Scaling in Movement Time Changes with Practice in Precision Aiming.
Maarten L. Wijnants, Anna M. T. Bosman, Fred Hasselman, Ralf F. A. Cox & Guy C. Van Orden, pg. 79
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Attractor and Lyapunov Models for Reach and Grasp Movements with Application to Robot-assisted Therapy.
Stephen J. Guastello, Dominic E. Nathan & Michelle J. Johnson, pg. 99
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Complexity of Postural Control in Infants: Linear and Nonlinear Features Revealed by Principal Component Analysis.
Regina T. Harbourne, Joan E. Deffeyes, Anastasia Kyvelidou & Nicholas Stergiou, pg. 123
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The Museum of Unnatural Form: A Visual and Tactile Experience of Fractals.
D. Della-Bosca & R. P. Taylor, pg. 145
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Book Review: The Continuity of Mind by Michael Spivey.
pg. 155

No. 2. April, 2009

Cover art: "Cone Zigzag".
Daniel Della-Bosca

Effects of Delays on the Basin Boundary of Attraction in a Hopfield Network of Two Delay-Connecting Neurons.
Jian Xu, Hui-lin Shang & Yu Huang, pg. 161
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The Long March: From Monofractals to Endogenous Multifractality in Heart Rate Variability Analysis.
Aydin A. Cecen & Cahit Erkal, pg. 181
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Conceptual Problems in Cardiological Prediction.
Robert A. M. Gregson, pg. 209
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Endogenous Business Cycle Dynamics within Metzler”s Inventory Model: Adding an Inventory Floor.
Irina Sushko, Michael Wegener, Frank Westerhoff & Georg Zaklan, pg. 225
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Book Review: Simultaneity: Temporal Structures and Observer Perspectives, edited by Suzanne Vrobel, Otto Rossler, and Terry Marks-Tarlow.
pg. 235

Manuscripts Accepted for Publication.
pg. 240

No. 3. July, 2009

Cover art: "Blue".
Daniel Della-Bosca

pg. 241

The Impact of Edward Lorenz: An Introductory Overview.
Mohammed H. I. Dore, pg. 243

The State of the Science of Nonlinear Dynamics in 1963.
Stephen J. Merrill, pg. 249
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Chaos Theory Before Lorenz.
J. Barkley Rosser, Jr., pg. 257
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Simplifications of the Lorenz Attractor.
J. C. Sprott, pg. 271
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The Butterfly Effect of the "Butterfly Effect".
Kevin J. Dooley, pg. 279
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Chaos as a Psychological Construct: Historical Roots, Principal Findings, and Current Growth Directions.
Stephen J. Guastello, pg. 289
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Chaos and Predictability in Population Dynamics.
Alexander B. Medvinsky, pg. 311
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Chaos and Chaotic Dynamics in Economics.
Marisa Faggini, pg. 327
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Science and Art: Emergence of Patterns from Nature”s Chaos, Through Parallels Between Edward Lorenz and Yves Klein.
R. P. Taylor, pg. 341
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Manuscripts Accepted for Publication.
pg. 349

No. 4. October, 2009

Cover art: "Sphinx Tile Perspective".
Daniel Della-Bosca

Nonlinear Detrended Fluctuation Analysis of Sitting Center-of-Pressure Data as an Early Measure of Motor Development Pathology in Infants.
Joan E. Deffeyes, Naomi Kochi, Regina T. Harbourne, Anastasia Kyvelidou, Wayne A. Stuberg & Nicholas Stergiou, pg. 351
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Target Dimension Affects 1/f Noise in Aiming.
Andre B. Valdez & Eric L. Amazeen, pg. 369
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Interdisciplinary Matrix in Economics: Two Applications to the Transition from Socialism to Capitalism.
Aleksander Jakimowicz, pg. 393
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Turning Points in Nonlinear Business Cycle Theories, Financial Crisis and the Global 2007-2008 Downturn.
Mohammed H.I. Dore & Ragiv V. Singh, pg. 423
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Unemployment and Inflation Dynamics Prior to the Economic Downturn of 2007-2008.
Stephen J. Guastello & Adam Myers, pg. 445
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Book Review: Chaos in the Classroom: A new theory of teaching and learning, by E. J. Davis, T. J. Smith, & D. Leflore.
pg. 467

Corrections / Ad Hoc Reviewers for 2008.
pg. 471