Contents of Volume 12

No. 1. January, 2008

Cover art: "Electric Sheep #10".
Scott Draves

Civilization in Spite of Ourselves.
Stephen J. Guastello, pg. 1
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Spatial Behavior Analysis at the Global Level Using Fractal Geometry.
Roger C. Sambrook, pg. 3
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The Fractal City Theory Revisited: New Empirical Evidence from the Distribution of Romanian Cities and Towns.
Liliana Gligor & Mircea Gligor, pg. 15
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Dynamics of a Discrete Population Model for Extinction and Sustainability in Ancient Civilizations.
William Basener, Bernard Brooks, Michael Radin & Tamas Wiandt, pg. 29

Prey-Producing Predators: The Ecology of Human Intensification.
Charles Efferson, pg. 55
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Dynamics of Attitudes and Genetic Processes.
Stephen J. Guastello & Denise D. Guastello, pg. 75
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Violent Societies: An Application of Orbital Decomposition to the Problem of Human Violence.
M. Spohn, pg. 87
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Biophilic Fractals and the Visual Journey of Organic Screen-savers.
R. P. Taylor & J. C. Sprott, pg. 117

Art Feature for 2008: Electric Sheep.
Scott Draves, pg. 131
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No. 2. April, 2008

Cover art: "Electric Sheep #13".
Scott Draves

New Method to Study DNA Sequences: The Languages of Evolution.
Gino Spinelli & David Mayer-Foulkes, pg. 133
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Dimensional Analysis of Actigraphic Derived Sleep Data.
J. E. Slaven , M. E. Andrew, J. M. Violanti, C. M. Burchfiel, A. Mnatsakanova & B. J. Vila, pg. 153
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Entropy Conservation in the Control of Human Action.
S. Lee Hong & Karl M. Newell, pg. 163
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Dynamic Constancy as a Basis for Perceptual Hierarchies.
Thomas E. Malloy & Gary C. Jensen, pg. 191
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Cusp Catastrophe Model for Binge Drinking in a College Population.
Kelly E. Smerz & Stephen J. Guastello , pg. 205
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Book Review: Where Medicine Went Wrong: Rediscovering the Path to, by Complexity by Bruce J. West.
pg. 225

No. 3. July, 2008

Cover art: "Electric Sheep #7".
Scott Draves

Rat Instigated Human Population Collapse on Easter Island.
William Basener, Bernard Brooks, Michael Radin & Tamas Wiandt, pg. 227
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Mutual Information in the Evolution of Trajectories in Discrete Aiming Movements.
Shih-Chiung Lai, Gottfried Mayer-Kress & Karl M. Newell, pg. 241
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A Catastrophe Model for the Prospect-Utility Theory Question.
Terence A. Oliva & Sean R. McDade, pg. 261
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Toward a Theory of Leadership in Complex Systems: Computational Modeling Explorations.
James K. Hazy, pg. 281
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Debating the Role of Econophysics.
J. Barkley Rosser, Jr., pg. 311
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Book Review: Computational Mind: A Complex Dynamics Perspective by V. G. Ivancevic and T. T. Ivancevic.
pg. 325

No. 4. October, 2008

Cover art: "Electric Sheep #18".
Scott Draves

Stochastic Phase Decoupling in Dynamical Networks.
William Sulis, pg. 327
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Nonlinear Dynamical Modeling in ECG Analysis: A Heuristic Guideline.
Aydin A. Cecen & Cahit Erkal, pg. 359
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The Emergence of Dynamic Form Through Phase Relations in Dynamical Systems.
Thomas E. Malloy, Jonathan Butner & Gary C. Jensen, pg. 371
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Cross-cultural Generalizability of a Cusp Catastrophe Model for Binge Drinking Among College Students.
Stephen J. Guastello, Yuji Aruka, Meghan Doyle & Kelly E. Smerz, pg. 397
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Explaining Health Care Utilization For Panic Attacks Using Cusp Catastrophe Modeling.
David Katerndahl, pg. 409
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The Annual International Conferences of the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences / Ad Hoc Reviewers for 2008.
pg. 425