Contents of Volume 10

No. 1. January, 2006

Cover graphic: "Japanese Dry Rock Gardens".
Gert J. van Tonder

Chaotic Dynamics in Simple Neuronal Systems: Theory and Applications.
L. Andrey, pg. 1
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Nonlinear Dynamical Behavior of Surface Electromyographical Signals of Biceps Muscle Under Two Simulated Static Work Postures.
David Rodrick & Waldemar Karwowski, pg. 21
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The Nonlinear Dynamical Hypothesis in Science Education Problem Solving: A Catastrophe Theory Approach.
Dimitrios Stamovlasis, pg. 37
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Nonlinear Pedagogy: A Constraints-Led Framework for Understanding Emergence of Game Play and Movement Skills.
Jia Yi Chow, Keith Davids, Chris Button, Rick Shuttleworth, Ian Renshaw & Duarte Araújo, pg. 71
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Fractal Analysis of Mesoamerican Pyramids.
Gerardo Burkle-Elizondo & Ricardo David Valdez-Cepeda, pg. 105
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The Chaos and Complexity of Classic Hollywood Cinema.
Michael Patrick Gillespie, pg. 123
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Cover Images: Visual Structure in Japanese Dry Rock Gardens.
Gert J. van Tonder, pg. 143

Conference Review: Time and Memory: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Time.
pg. 147

Journal Issue Review: Special Issue: Advances in the Process and Dynamic System of Social Interaction and the Development of Antisocial Behavior.
pg. 153

No. 2. April, 2006

Cover graphic.

Introduction to Nonlinear Methodology Part 2: Domain-specific Problems.
Stephen J. Guastello & Robert A. M. Gregson, pg. 159

Separation of Heart Rate Variability Components of the Autonomic Nervous System by Utilizing Principal Dynamic Modes.
K. H. Chon, Y. Zhong, H. Wang, K. Ju & K. M. Jan, pg. 163
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The Effects of the Irregular Sample and Missing Data in Time Series Analysis.
David M. Kreindler & Charles J. Lumsden, pg. 187
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Operant Behavior of Rats Under Fixed-Interval Reinforcement Schedules: A Dynamical Analysis via the Extended Return Map.
Jay-Shake Li, Joachim Krauth & Joseph P. Huston, pg. 215
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Adjusting Behavioral Methods When Applying Nonlinear Dynamical Measures to Stimulus Rate.
Barbara Bruhns Frey, pg. 241
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Autopoiesis and Nonlinear Modeling Methods: An Empirical Approach to Psychotherapy Process Research.
L. Felipe Amun㡴gui & E. Thomas Dowd, pg. 275
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No. 3. July, 2006

Cover graphic.

Sample Entropy of ECG Time Series of Fearful Flyers: Preliminary Results.
Xavier Bornas, Jordi Llabrés, Miquel Noguera & Ana L󳰥, pg. 301
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An Attractor Lattice Model With Latent Emergent Order.
Raymond Pavloski, pg. 319
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Learning by Operant Conditioning as a Nonlinear Self-organized Process.
M. A. Pascual & M. A. Rodr㭧ez, pg. 341

Electrodermal Arousal Between Participants in a Conversation: Nonlinear Dynamics and Linkage Effects.
Stephen J. Guastello, David Pincus & Patrick R. Gunderson, pg. 365
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Book Review: Computability Theory. By S. Barry Cooper.
pg. 401

Book Review: Images of a Complex World: The Art and Poetry of Chaos, by Robin Chapman and Julien Clinton Sprott.
pg. 405

No. 4. October, 2006

Cover graphic.

Affordance-controlled Bifurcations of Action Patterns in Martial Arts.
Robert Hristovski, Keith Davids & Duarte Araújo, pg. 409
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A Cusp Catastrophe Model Analysis of Changes in Adolescent Substance Use: Assessment of Behavioural Intention as a Bifurcation Variable.
Jason Mazanov & D. G. Byrne, pg. 445
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A Self-destruction Game.
Stanislaw Raczynski, pg. 471
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Book Review: Advances in Minimum Description Length: Theory and Applications, Edited by Peter D. Grhnwald, In Jae Myung, and Mark A. Pitt.
pg. 485

Book Review: Music and Soul Making: Toward a New Theory of Music Therapy. By Barbara J. Crowe.
pg. 489

Ad Hoc Reviewers for 2006 / Correction / Color Figures for 2005 / Forthcoming Special Issue / Cover Art Series for 2006: "Trees" by Gert J. van Toder.
pg. 495